The £30 workout Meghan Markle called 'the best thing you can do for your body' was the hardest thing I've ever done in a gym — here's how to get the same results at home

  • Apparently, Markle owes her figure partly to Megaformer — an intense full body conditioning workout that takes place on a moving machine.
  • She's been quoted calling Megaformer workouts "hands down the best thing you could do for your body," and is said to be a fan of Studio Lagree, a provider with three locations in London.
  • The 50-minute class takes place entirely on a Megaformer machine, which, lined up alongside a number of others, looks incredibly intimidating upon arrival.
  • Once you're on the machine, you can perform hundreds of exercises for full-body conditioning — but you do so at a slow, controlled pace, really engaging your muscles.
  • Lagree trainer Linda Robson told Business Insider that the slow movement is one thing that differentiates the method from other workouts.
  • Luckily, while the movements are slow, the class is fast-paced and you change position frequently, so it goes by quickly.

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