Juggling Multiple Languages Simultaneously

  • I've been coding Javascript, Ruby and Go almost everyday for the past few months and I'm just wondering if in the long run it hurts my chances of learning expertise in either of them.
  • I clearly feel the "switches" I have to make daily.
  • Plus, is the "jack of all trades, master of none" problem a real and significant one?
  • I think it will help more than hurt.
  • Sometimes when you’re too caught up in one language you sometimes mistake that language’s best practices for programming best practices.
  • Too much context switching could hurt your productivity but I wouldn’t worry about long term problems.
  • Also, as somebody who wrote C, C++, and C# at the same time (and sometimes compiled into the same binary), I can say programming like that really forces you to understand how the languages work and how it all ties into how computers work.

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