The top 14 quarterbacks in the 2019 NFL draft class, ranked

  • The 2019 NFL draft is set to begin on April 25, when teams will get their first chance to claim players of this year's draft class.
  • For teams looking to rebuild, no position is more important than quarterback, and this year, there is another talented group of players who could be taking snaps in the NFL very soon.
  • One thing to know: Minshew excelled in Washington State's high octane offensive attack, which gave him twice as many pass attempts as many quarterbacks in this draft class.
  • In the past, a quarterback coming from a pass-happy college offense might have given teams pause, but with the NFL looking more like the Big 12 with each passing year, Minshew's experience could be seen as a plus for a team looking for a late-round flier.

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