Even in defeat, ISIS' ideology inspires mass murder

  • And yet on Sunday, the continued influence of ISIS' ideology became gruesomely apparent: A terrorist attack, one of the most lethal since 9/11, killed at least 321 people at churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka.
  • On Tuesday Sri Lankan authorities accused a local Islamist group, National Tawheed Jamath, of carrying out the attacks.
  • A US official told CNN's Barbara Starr that ISIS inspired the group behind the attacks in Sri Lanka.
  • CNN has also learned that an ISIS suspect told Indian officials that he had trained a Sri Lankan militant who is associated with NTJ, the local Islamist group that Sri Lankan officials have blamed for the attacks.
  • On Sunday we saw the ISIS lethal ideology play out again in the attacks on three churches in Sri Lanka.
  • The research institution New America found that since his death, Awlaki's videos had influenced more than 80 terrorists in the United States.

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