What's so special about the Mona Lisa?

  • However, art scholars have increasingly voiced doubts about whether the image in the Louvre can indeed be Vasari's "Lisa," for the style and techniques of the painting match far better Leonardo's later work from 1510 onwards.
  • Dianne Jones, an Aboriginal Australian artist of Noongar heritage, reprized the work in her inkjet photographic portraits of 2005, which are less pointed in their swipe at white European art and more luminous in their appropriation of Mona Lisa's sense of dream-like plenitude.
  • Meanwhile, the notorious theft of a work of art by German performance artist Ulay in 1976, in which he removed the most famous (and kitsch) painting in the National Gallery in Berlin, Carl Spitzweg's 1839 portrait of "The Poor Poet," was a reprise of the theft of the "Mona Lisa" in 1911.

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