An artist is leaving mind-bending optical illusions on buildings worldwide, and they'll make you do a double-take

  • Artist Manuel Di Rita, who goes by the name Peeta, combines his love for sculpting and architecture with massive murals that look like they're bursting out of the wall.
  • Anamorphism, Peeta explained to INSIDER, gives the illusion that flat objects are three-dimensional.
  • Peeta said he started painting and studying art in the early 1990s, but he had a love for sculpting from a young age.
  • Using only paint, Peeta turns flat surfaces into masterpieces that appear three-dimensional.
  • Another example of the technique, which makes paintings and two-dimensional pieces of art appear to be jumping off a canvas or surface, is illustrated on the Guinness World Records website, which features the world's largest anamorphic painting.
  • Peeta said he doesn't aim for his abstract murals to convey a specific message, but he does see his work as an opportunity to bring interesting, inspiring art to cities and communities around the world.

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