Did the 80s Really Have the Most One-Hit Wonders?

  • If a definition of a one-hit wonder doesn’t include Kajagoogoo, it’s probably not a good definition.
  • So I decided that an equally simple, but probably more accurate measurement of a one-hit wonder is to simply find any band that had one and only one song reach a rank of 40 or better.
  • According to our initial findings, Blink-182 is considered a one-hit wonder because only one of their songs (“All the Small Things”) actually made it into the top 40.
  • So if we were to take a look at earlier results, you can see that both 50 Cent and Akon are considered to be one-hit wonders several-times over (which I know is kinda redundant) because each one of their hits has a slightly different artist name.

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