Florida man threatened people 3 different times before shooting man in 'stand your ground' case

  • On December 12, 2012, a woman told a Largo Police Department officer that a man driving a black Toyota truck, later identified as Drejka, pointed a gun at her and the passengers in the vehicle.
  • Drejka then followed the teen's vehicle, passed it and slammed on his brakes, according to police reports.
  • When officers confronted Drejka about the incident, he said the teen's car cut him off, the police report said.
  • Drejka was driving his truck down US Route 19 Alternate in Pinellas County on November 13, 2013, when a woman turned onto the route, pulling into the center lane so that Drejka could pass, according to a police report.
  • Drejka would later tell a state trooper that he felt the woman, who had her 4- and 7-year-old children in the car, almost hit him when she pulled into the center lane, the police report said.

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