The US needs to act now against the next terrorist incubator

  • Without further attention from the United States and the international community, it is likely that a significant portion of these individuals will be further radicalized and committed to the ISIS cause, and could be an important driver to the group's recovery in face of several setbacks.
  • As national security professionals with careers in the military and counterterrorism communities respectively, we feel now is a crucial moment for the United States to demonstrate global leadership and develop a clear strategy to deal with this complex issue.
  • A follow-on to United Nations (UN) Security Council Resolution 2714 -- which was issued in 2014 regarding global efforts to combat the threat of foreign terrorist fighters -- could be key to encouraging individual countries to repatriate the families of ISIS fighters.
  • The presence of thousands of committed ISIS supporters languishing at al-Hol could become an unprecedented terrorist incubator unless the United States and the international community rapidly mobilize to address the crisis.

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