Schools in Palm Beach County, Florida, enroll displaced Bahamian students

  • Fifteen Bahamian children had enrolled as of Tuesday, Julie Houston Trieste said.
  • The young evacuees are welcome at any district school and can register at a central welcome office, she said.
  • Backpacks loaded with school supplies are being provided to the students by the Education Foundation of Palm Beach County, which later will open its school supply store so evacuated families can shop for free, Houston Trieste said.
  • The district's welcome center, which supports K-12 students "who were born or attended school outside of the United States," also connects families with community resources to get them settled, its website says.
  • The White House has increased staff to help expedite the processing of US visas for Bahamian evacuees, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Tuesday.
  • And no shelters are open for Bahamian evacuees in Florida, DeSantis said.

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