It’s not just p=0.048 vs. p=0.052

  • A political science researcher or a psychology researcher or whatever will get all passionate about using the Winsorized mean, or some particular way of computing the maximum likelihood estimate, or a false positive rate, and I’d much rather see such people putting this mental effort into questions of effect size, variation, confounding, etc.
  • Every field will have methodologists who will want to explore more deeply into questions of statistics and measurement, and that’s fine: but to the extent that researchers are being “methodologists” in their everyday work, I’d much prefer their methodology to have an applied focus, and I think one big problem with the null hypothesis testing framework is that it takes the focus away from the science and toward statistical theory.
  • Arguably, as young people depend on their parents increasingly later in life and consequently don’t gain real life experience, it makes the most sense to adjust the age upward instead of downward.

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