Opinion: Felicity Huffman is a role model for how to own up to your crimes

  • As such, the less privileged are forced to implore their children to work hard, get good grades, and do their best to stand out among their peers.
  • Some people look at Huffman's crimes and ask who the victims are.
  • All who follow established procedures, rules and protocols are victims, including the parents who try to do things correctly, and who teach their children to do the same.
  • Every child who studies hard and commits themselves to doing the right thing is a victim as well.
  • Yet Huffman's conduct following the exposure of these crimes has exemplified grace, contrition, remorse and acceptance of responsibility.
  • Fourth, she similarly expressed regret and sorrow to her fans and followers whose good will she depends on to make a living.
  • What I'm thinking is that it's never too late to follow a good example.

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