Felicity Huffman's 14-day jail sentence shows just how much privilege plays into criminal sentencing

  • BOSTON — Felicity Huffman sat expressionless in a packed federal courtroom on Friday, her hands cupped beneath her chin, as she awaited a judge's sentence for her role in the biggest college admissions scandal in US history.
  • Prosecutors, who insisted Huffman go to prison for a month, pointed to another academic fraud case last week — one involving Kelley Williams-Bolar, a single mother in Akron, Ohio.
  • In referencing the two cases, Rosen said that it was only fair that Huffman — and other wealthy parents charged in admissions scandal — were sentenced to some prison time.
  • Out of the 34 parents implicated in the admissions scandal, Huffman was one of 15 people who plead guilty, some of which are facing up to 15 months in prison.
  • Lori Loughlin, another Hollywood mother accused in the college admissions scandal has pleaded not guilty — and could face up to 40 years in prison if convicted.

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