The Principle Of Association

  • I have called these kinds of associations "Leverage Points" in the past.
  • Leverage points, depending on what they are, usually will help to support both core pieces of what I see as forming your reputation - competence and standing-out.
  • If, for example, you have been featured by Google for writing a solid technical article, then placing this at the top of your resume (in an achievements section) will immediately associate yourself with Google.
  • Through my work with this site/newsletter, Coravel and writing some technical articles, I've had some awesome opportunities that I never expected.
  • I was featured by Microsoft on their main .NET community web site, on Steve Smith's podcast and recently on the .NET Core show - among other places.
  • Now, on my resume, I can point to the fact that I've been featured on this platform and potentially name off well-known community figures who have also been featured on these.

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