The 10 Apple Arcade launch games you have to play

  • You start each game with a series of cards face-up, which represent things like gold, weapons, enemies, health, and special magical scrolls.
  • It’s a pop music-styled arcade action game, where you control a skateboarding girl through a vibrant world of dance battles, motorcycle chases, and a story of inter-dimensional drama.
  • And like Mini Metro, the game features a handful of levels based on real-world cities, so you can test your urban planning skills against the sprawl of Los Angeles or the orderly density of Tokyo.
  • Once you finish a level, you’re treated to a flashback sequence, where the main character explores scenes from their youth — awkward moments at a part-time job, lonely times in an arcade — all rendered in a kind of Simlish-style language that gives the story a welcome sense of vagueness.

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