North Carolina sheriff indicted for obstruction in murder plot will keep getting a paycheck for now

  • Granville County Sheriff Brindell Wilkins was scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday, but the court appearance was postponed for several reasons.
  • A court order filed Tuesday said Wilkins' attorney began a months-long capital murder trial in northeast North Carolina this week.
  • The state Bureau of Investigation also is looking into allegations regarding drug investigations conducted by Wilkins' office, which will also take months, the order said.
  • Wilkins not only knew of the threat to kill the now-former deputy, Joshua Freeman, but coached a would-be assailant on how to get away with the crime, the indictment alleges.
  • It is not clear when Wilkins' arraignment will be rescheduled, but it won't be placed on any calendars until Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman notifies the court, the order said.
  • Wilkins is presently suspended, with Chief Deputy Sherwood Boyd filling his post until the case has concluded, the county has said.

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