Major US-China trade deal remains unlikely as talks resume

  • American negotiators led by Ambassador Robert Lighthizer, the US trade representative, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are entering this week's trade talks with low expectations for major progress on reaching a comprehensive deal months after negotiations broke down in May, according to two officials familiar with the situation.
  • Pessimism inside the administration is largely based on signals from Beijing that it's unlikely to make major concessions during the 13th round of talks, raising speculation that both sides may try to reach for a "mini deal" that could include additional purchases of American farm products in exchange for wiping off the books additional tariffs set to kick in starting next week.
  • Since the collapse of talks earlier this year, Beijing has shown few signs it is willing to make any of the concessions that Trump and his aides are looking for as they negotiate a trade deal, according to US officials.

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