A 14-year-old boy shot his way in to a school before turning the gun on himself. Now his mother is facing 6 felony charges.

  • An Indiana mother who warned authorities that her 14-year-old son was about to shoot up a middle school is now facing six felony charges in connection with the incident.
  • Mary York, 43, called police on December 13, 2018, telling them her son had taken her boyfriend hostage at gunpoint and was about to head for his former middle school, where he had been bullied in the past.
  • But authorities, having already been warned by the child's mother, got to the school before the boy and locked it down.
  • David Bursten credited the tipster, York, who warned police of the threat.
  • Court records viewed by Insider show that York has been charged with five counts of neglect of a dependent, one count of dangerous control of a child, and one misdemeanor count of criminal recklessness.

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