Apple CEO Tim Cook asks the Supreme Court to save DACA

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook, along with the company’s Senior Vice President Deirdre O’Brien, filed a Supreme Court brief on Wednesday to personally voice support for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), an immigration program that President Trump tried to terminate in 2017 but that has been kept alive through a series of court appeals.
  • While this is the first time Cook has put his own name on a brief, he and Apple have long supported Dreamers (as DACA recipients are called), 443 of which work at Apple, according to the brief.
  • Although there is substantial bipartisan support for protecting DACA recipients, further debate in Congress is likely a dead end for now, and there’s no guarantee that Congress will take the issue up if the Court decides Trump’s decision to end the program was legal.

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