Zimbabwe activists bid to stop alleged plan to export 35 baby elephants

  • Harare (CNN) - Wildlife activists in Zimbabwe are pushing to halt an alleged plan to sell 35 baby elephants to China and Pakistan as part of an ongoing row over wildlife exports.
  • Advocates4Earth, previously known as the "People and Earth Solidarity Law Network," is trying to prevent further sales, but director Lenin Chisaira told CNN he has reliable information that the animals could be shipped Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Tinashe Farawo, a spokesman for the Zimbabwe Parks and Wild Life Management Authority, told CNN that no sale is planned.
  • The activists said that if the government goes ahead with the sale, it will not only be in contempt of court but also in violation of the country's and international animal welfare regulations.
  • Farawo, of the Zimbabwe Parks and Wild Life Management Authority, said people should be more concerned by the conflict between humans and wildlife.

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