A 7-step guide for effective survey recruitment on Reddit

  • Platforms like Google Forms, Surveymonkey and university bought services like, Qualtrics makes surveys cheap, quick and easy to write.
  • Just as you have to find appropriate sources when writing a report you need to search for an appropriate place to post your survey.
  • When asking for participants make the topic of your survey as clear as possible and use language which is understandable and relevant to the subreddit you’re posting in.
  • You can optimise response rates by posting at specific times and days depending on the subreddit.
  • For non-American or more generalist subreddits you can use third party websites like Delay For Reddit or Late For Reddit to find out the most popular time for posts as a proxy for user activity.
  • The longer the survey, the higher the attrition rate.
  • After posting your survey link continue interacting with the community.

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