Google is scaling back its weekly all-hands meetings after leaks, CEO tells staff

  • He writes that employees “come to TGIF with different expectations,” with some looking to hear about “product launches and business strategies” and others looking for “answers on other topics.” Only about 25 percent of the company watches the meeting each week, Pichai says.
  • While the note doesn’t mention any leaks specifically, the company has been roiled by employee activism in recent years, as workers have protested issues like Google’s work with the Pentagon and plans for a censored Chinese search engine.
  • Last year, the far-right publication Breitbart also published a leaked video of the first TGIF meeting after the 2016 presidential election, showing some Googlers coming to terms with the idea of a Trump presidency.
  • I know this is new information to many of you, and it has affected our ability to use TGIF as a forum for candid conversations on important topics.

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