Amazon is getting into the quantum computing game, which Microsoft, IBM, and Google are already racing in

  • Notably, AWS isn't building its own quantum hardware – instead, it's allowing people to access quantum computing technology built by partners through through its cloud.
  • Besides that, Amazon Web Services started a Center for Quantum Computing, which brings together experts from Amazon, the California Institute of Technology, and other research institutions to collaborate on research, as well as the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, which connects customers with experts at Amazon to find the best way to use quantum computing.
  • Experts say that in quantum computing, cloud can be a powerful tool to allow customers to use it because they can write quantum computing code that can run anywhere they want.
  • Right now, Brisse says there's a large gap in providing developers with quantum computing resources, and AWS is developing the software to "win the hearts and minds of the developer community." Already, customers are investing in quantum computing as a long term plan, he says.

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