Carnival of Space 662

  • Aerion, Spike and Boom are continuing with supersonic testing is different from actually getting billions in funding and executing to reach and operate a commercial service.
  • The Aerion AS2 has a target price of $120 Million each.
  • SpaceX Starship is in the process of leapfrogging supersonic (1.5-2.5 times the speed of sound) to hypersonic (20-30 times the speed of sound).
  • Musk says mass-produced SpaceX Starships will cost $5 million each.
  • They would be ten over times faster than supersonic planes and would have more payload.
  • All international cargo and passenger travel could be monopolized by SpaceX.
  • SN4 will have one engine and a lower pressure 200-meter flight.
  • SpaceX is already assembling Starship SN5.
  • Newer Starships will switch to a new steel alloy that has higher strength under cryo temperatures.
  • The new material will be able to handle higher pressures for higher altitude and orbital flights.

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