Data Scientist Job — Is It Worth the Sacrifices Made?

  • Let’s say we learn 4 hours per week (where often a recommended time in the online courses).
  • In my personal opinion, Online courses are worth as much as their price — It is good to improve/review your skill, but don’t rely solely on this to be a Data Scientist.
  • The answer is Yes and No. Yes, because for a newbie, you would need a direction, professional review, and connection to break into a Data Science and No because you could get all the necessary skills from books or online courses.
  • My education time to Master’s Degree takes six years with three-four Years of professional as a Researcher, and a few months to review my technical skills once more before becoming a Data Scientist.
  • In any way you choose, prepare to spend lots of time and money on obtaining the necessary skills.

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