Nextdoor’s CEO proves how kindness makes business sense

  • Sarah Friar will be joining our flagship online event, TNW2020, to talk about how the power of kindness can work as a foundation for business.
  • And while this may of course be true, there’s also room for kindness — that’s at least what Sarah Friar, the CEO of Nextdoor, believes.
  • It monetizes by offering brands, local businesses, and public authorities and governments the opportunity to advertise on its platform so long as they are relevant to each community.
  • Friar really is best placed to chat about how advertising can be used for good (yes, you’ve read that right!) to empower local communities and individuals while also generating revenue — and I look forward to digging deeper into that topic during our discussion at TNW2020 this week.
  • Personally, I’m also very keen to hear what Friar has to say about the challenges she’s endured in growing a community-driven platform.

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