As Covid-19 rates tick up in much of country, some communities loosen restrictions

  • This comes as at least 26 states -- mostly in the country's northern half -- were reporting higher seven-day averages of new daily cases early Wednesday than a week ago.
  • Wyoming, which last week set a single-day record for new Covid-19 cases, loosened rules around restaurants after the governor said data showed dine-in restaurants have "not significantly contributed" to spread of the virus in the state.
  • Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers earlier this month declared a "new public health emergency due to campus outbreaks." And Covid-19 hospitalizations have almost doubled in the state since September 18, the Wisconsin Hospital Association said Tuesday.
  • The state's seven-day average of new daily cases hit its record for the pandemic Tuesday at 2,225, according to Johns Hopkins.
  • The Midwest -- as defined by the US Census Bureau -- has recently overtaken the South for the country's highest seven-day average of new daily cases per 1 million residents, according to Johns Hopkins data.

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