ArsDigita: From Startup to Bust-Up (2001)

  • Meanwhile, aD corporate slowly began to shut down programs, including the one that got me to be an ACS user in the first place: ArsDigita Prize.
  • I emailed Allen (the CEO at the time) he said that they were working hard to bring the program back.
  • My main concerns about aD were that the "smart people without process" model would only scale to about 30 or so engineers and that Philip seemed disinclined to change things himself.
  • New engineers at our company were routinely complaining about the level of competence and experience we were provided by aD.
  • Contacts at aD went from programmers to project managers to sales VPs. All these people were trying hard, and in some cases doing pretty well - but aD had lost the things that made it unique and successful.
  • That said, aD is left with little to build from without the core team that got the thing in motion.

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