I deleted the production database by accident

  • Today at around 10:45pm CET, after a couple of glasses of red wine, we deleted the production database by accident 😨.
  • At around 11:15pm CET, 30 minutes after the disaster, we went back online, however 7 hours of scoreboard data was gone forever 😵.
  • It’s tempting to blame the disaster on the couple of glasses of red wine.
  • However, the function that wiped the database was written whilst sober.
  • It’s a function that deletes the local database and creates all the required tables from scratch.
  • This evening, whilst doing some late evening coding, the function connected to the production database and wiped it.
  • The problem is, you can never really test the safety mechanisms properly, because testing it would mean pointing a gun at the production database.
  • However, we will figure out what went wrong and ensure that that particular error doesn’t happen again.

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