Ninja: A simple way to do builds

  • This works fine, but my svg2pdf script is a little slow (it uses Inkscape), and it’s annoying to have to wait 90 seconds or whatever to rebuild all the PDFs when I’ve just updated 1 page.
  • In the past I’ve been pretty put off by using a Build System like make or bazel for my small projects because bazel is this Big Complicated Thing and make feels a little arcane to me.
  • I’m sure there are a bunch of ninja best practices, but I don’t know them and for my small projects I find this works well.
  • It seems like Meson is a build system for C/C++/Java/Rust/Fortran that can use ninja as a backend.
  • I really like it and it’s caused me approximately 0 build-related headaches which feels pretty magical to me.

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