Best of Next Computer System Collection

  • But many saw it for what it was, a breakthrough product as innovative as today's iTunes, iPod and iPhone.
  • Building upon NeXT's hardware and more importantly, their software development environment, many third party NeXT developers added their own magic dust to create revolutionary products, like the world's first web browser, or a new form of spread sheet, Lotus Improv or WebObjects, the foundation upon which the iTune store is built, to name only a few.
  • This web site details part of our unique collection of NeXT related products and assorted items which grew up around NeXT Computer ecosystem, including of course NeXT hardware but also those rare items such as dealer sales kits, logo'd clothing, NeXT jewelry, banners, training tapes for servicing NeXT computers and printers, developer guides, plus third party software and hardware products.

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