Show HN: PiratePx – Open Source Privacy focused analytics

  • A 1×1 pixel transparent GIF is very 1997, yes, but it’s also very efficient and easy to use in websites with just an <img> tag.
  • If you add piratepx to a website, it counts page views out of the box.
  • With a little JavaScript, it can be extended to count events you’re interested in like a <button> click or <form> submission.
  • For mobile apps, server-side APIs, CLIs, and anywhere else, you can count events like the number of times the app is opened, a user signs up, or an operation is run – anywhere a little insight would help.
  • It’s just a tool, built by one developer, to help other developers of small-scale projects avoid choosing Google Analytics simply because it’s the free option.
  • I built piratepx as way to get a little analytics insight into my own personal and indie projects (like without having to resort to Google Analytics.

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