Adept Bots founder started as a paper boy, how he became successful - Business Insider

  • The 18-year-founded and co-runs three successful sneaker-related companies that have brought in thousands of dollars in sales since they were founded in staggered stages starting in 2018, according to business records that were viewed by Business Insider.
  • In 2018, Symonds founded his first company, Adept Bots, a software service that helps users nab sneakers online for retail prices.
  • This year, he started a cook group for resellers called Excluded, which currently has over 300 members who pay for access to exclusive information and tools for winning on hyped sneaker drops.
  • Since launching Adept to the public in 2018, sales of the bot have brought in close to £1 million (GBP), or over $1.3 million before expenses, according to screenshots of the company's PayPal account, which were viewed by Business Insider.

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