Microsoft hires classroom collaboration startup Chalkup founder to expand Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft is beefing up its Slack-like collaboration software, Microsoft Teams, with the technology-know how and the founder from collaboration software startup Chalkup.
  • Following the hire, Microsoft says it will bring some of the features Chalkup had built to the Microsoft Teams for Education product experience.
  • The company says educators and students from 1 in 3 universities and 1 in 5 high schools in the U.S. had used Chalkup at some point.
  • As the two products compete in the same space – collaboration software for educators and students, both Microsoft and Chalkup realized they may do better to join forces.
  • Moving forward, Chalkup says some of its best-loved features will be integrated into Microsoft Teams.
  • Last September, Microsoft said that 125,000 organizations had adopted the software, but didn’t speak to how many users it has.

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