Dbrain pitches a new token paying users crypto to train artificial intelligence

  • The company says it’s aiming its tokens at the roughly 2 billion underbanked who don’t have access to traditional bank accounts and therefore can’t take advantage of the opportunity to train artificial intelligence.
  • That’s a lofty goal for sure, but the company has secured $2.5 million in seed funding from undisclosed sources for its project and is a member of Microsoft’s Bizspark program.
  • Further, the company has managed to land the seal of approval from Nvidia, which allowed the team at Dbrain to join its artificial intelligence-focused “Inception” incubator program.
  • The goal of the Dbrain app is to create a cryptographically secure network that will link gig economy workers with data scientists to create datasets that will be used to train artificial intelligence applications.
  • While Dbrain has taken a distributed blockchain approach, companies like MightyAi,  use fiat currency to pay out to users.

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