Inside the marriage of Bill and Melinda Gates, who met at work, live in a $124 million home, and will leave their children only a small fraction of their fortune

  • Melinda French was less than impressed when her boss asked her out on a date.
  • It was 1987, and the recent Duke graduate had just joined Microsoft as a product manager.
  • CEO Bill Gates approached her at a company picnic and asked if she'd be interested in grabbing dinner in two weeks.
  • She responded, "That's not spontaneous enough for me," Fortune reported in 2015.
  • Fast-forward three decades, and Bill and Melinda Gates are married with three kids, worth $90 billion, and run a namesake philanthropic enterprise boasting a $40.3 billion endowment.
  • Here's a look at their 23-year marriage.
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  • The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates...
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