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Articles related to "abuse"

Haiti minister says he may revoke Oxfam's right to operate in country

  • Oxfam's leaders are accused of attempting to cover up the behavior of some senior staff members while in the Caribbean nation in the aftermath of the devastating 2010 earthquake.
  • The aid workers -- including the Oxfam country director at the time, Roland van Hauwermeiren -- are accused of turning a villa rented by the organization into a makeshift brothel.
  • Four people were fired and another three resigned, including van Hauwermeiren, the charity said.
  • Oxfam has agreed to withdraw from bidding for UK government funding until the country's Department for International Development is satisfied that proper safeguards are in place to prevent abuse, International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt said in a statement Friday.
  • In 2016, there were 80 allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse by uniformed United Nations personnel and 65 allegations against civilian workers who support the peacekeeping missions, according to a report by Guterres published last year.

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Oxfam was told of aid workers raping and sexually exploiting children in Haiti a decade ago

  • Aid agencies including Oxfam were warned that aid workers were sexually abusing children in Haiti a decade ago, The Independent can reveal.
  • Ms Csaky, a global child development adviser who no longer works for Save the Children, said that the charity was receiving "anecdotal" reports of sex abuse in the field more than a decade ago.
  • Oxfam has pledged to publish an internal investigation it mounted in 2011 over allegations of sexual and other misconduct in Haiti, which resulted in several members of staff being sacked and others including the country director resigning.
  • A report released on the future of international NGOs last year warned that they were being threatened by the actions of national governments delegating the response to increasingly "politicised" crises to their own agencies and militaries.

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Kelly issues memo changing security clearance process after Porter scandal

  • Washington (CNN) - White House chief of staff John Kelly, under fire over the White House's handling of domestic abuse allegations against a senior aide, ordered an overhaul of the security clearance process for current and incoming top administration officials.
  • Kelly's memo comes just over a week after White House staff secretary Rob Porter resigned after allegations of domestic abuse against him became public.
  • White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said earlier this week that the FBI provided the updates to the White House Personnel Security Office, but declined to say whether West Wing officials knew of the allegations of domestic abuse.
  • Kelly's memo, which was released by the White House, also amounted to the chief of staff's most public pushback yet of criticism he has faced over revelations that Porter remained on staff for months in spite of the FBI flagging the allegations of domestic abuse to the White House.

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John Kelly signs off on a major overhaul of White House security clearance procedures

  • Procedures for granting interim top-secret clearances will also be changed, according to the memo.
  • Any interim top-secret clearance for people with pending investigations or adjudications since June 1, 2017 or before will be discontinued.
  • Kelly also proposed that the significant derogatory information discovered in the background check be reported to the White House in 48 hours.
  • The White House was mired in scandal over its security-clearance procedures after former staff secretary Rob Porter faced allegations of domestic and emotional abuse.
  • Porter's ex-wives provided photographs of injuries they say they received during the alleged abuse.
  • Porter, who had been working with an interim security clearance for over a year, denied the allegations and resigned last week after they became public.
  • Kelly's response to the allegations raised suspicion after he made statements that appeared to conflict with the White House's comments on when it became aware of the allegations.

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Trump Technology Aide Is Latest to Exit Turbulent White House

  • A senior technology aide to President Donald Trump is stepping down, the latest in a growing list of top officials to depart a turbulent White House in recent days.
  • Reed Cordish, an ally of Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, is leaving his post as assistant to the president for intergovernmental and technology initiatives, the White House said Friday.
  • Cordish’s departure, reported earlier by the Washington Post, comes as the White House has faced an exodus of high-level staff in recent weeks and a scandal over its handling of domestic abuse charges and security clearances.
  • In the past month alone, the administration has seen the departure of its deputy national security adviser, a senior speechwriter, the staff secretary and a special assistant for international energy and environmental policy, among others.
  • Staff secretary Rob Porter resigned earlier this month amid accusations he abused his two former wives.

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Trump's top White House lawyer is under intense scrutiny as the Rob Porter scandal keeps looking worse and worse

  • While the White House insisted the entire episode was handled within a day of the allegations coming to light, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified to the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday that the bureau alerted the White House to problems with Porter's background check months ago.
  • An ex-girlfriend of Porter's had also contacted McGahn to tell him that the senior White House aide was unfaithful to her with White House communications director Hope Hicks, who would later be reported to have dated Porter, and that he had anger problems, several people familiar with the conversation told The New York Times.
  • John Kelly and Rob Porter.Jonathan Ernst/Reuters But legal experts and former White House officials told NBC News that McGahn would have been alerted quickly about any problems with Porter.

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What you need to know in advertising today

  • Ad agencies are facing an increasing number of outside threats to their business model.
  • Netflix's $300 million deal with Ryan Murphy is 'expensive as opposed to explosive.' The Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, one of the biggest Netflix bears on Wall Street, told Business Insider that the company's $300 million deal with the producer Ryan Murphy was expensive and that he's concerned about Netflix's cash-burning tendencies.
  • NBCU’s entertainment studio Universal has fired creative, strategy and research executive Seth Byers and put marketing chief Josh Goldstine on administrative leave after receiving "allegations of inappropriate conduct," Deadline reports.
  • The New York Times wants to offer data tools to marketers to help them develop targeted branded campaigns, the Wall Street Journal reports.
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