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Articles related to "abuse"

After Years of Abusive E-mails, the Creator of Linux Steps Aside

  • After years of verbally abusing programmers who contribute to the Linux operating-system kernel he created, the celebrated coder Linus Torvalds is stepping aside and says he is getting help.
  • Guido van Rossum, a white, male programmer from the Netherlands, invented the code for the Python programming language.
  • “A project attracts people who fit in the culture,” van Rossum told me, adding that if the leaders communicate abusively “it will attract people who either share that attitude, or at least don’t see a problem with it.” Van Rossum, who now lives in the Bay Area, said the Python community shows that the number of women working on open-source software projects can be increased.
  • “He said he was willing to mentor women personally, if that is what it takes to improve the diversity,” Wijaya recalled, “but I didn’t reach out to him.” The next year, she attended the same conference.

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US Catholic bishops announce new policies to police bishops

  • American Catholics are reeling from a series of scandals beginning with the surprise announcement in July that a leading American cardinal had been credibly accused of abusing a minor.
  • That scandal, which led to Archbishop Theodore McCarrick's demotion from the prestigious College of Cardinals, has been followed by a series of equally damning accusations, from a Pennsylvania grand jury report that found widespread evidence of sexual abuse and cover ups, to the announcement last Thursday that Pope Francis has ordered an investigation into a West Virginia bishop who has been accused of sexually harassing adults.
  • McCarrick has denied the accusation about the minor and is appealing his removal from ministry at the Vatican.
  • Notably, the bishops' statement makes no mention of the possibility of a Vatican-led investigation into McCarrick, which DiNardo had said he would seek from Pope Francis.

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Opioid Crisis Emerges as a Dominant Campaign Theme

  • In the past four years, the opioid crisis has grown from an afterthought in political campaigns to an important issue in some of this fall’s biggest midterm races, according to television advertising data from Kantar Media/CMAG.
  • An analysis by The Wall Street Journal found that, so far in 2018, ads containing opioid messaging have aired more than 50,000 times across 25 states.
  • At this point in 2014, there had been only one political TV ad touching on the topic that aired 70 times—in Kentucky’s Senate race.

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Linux's Creator Is Sorry. But Will He Change?

  • It's been more than 25 years since Linus Torvalds created Linux, the open source operating system kernel that now powers much of the web, the world's most popular smartphone operating system, and a fleet of other gadgets, including cars.
  • During that time Torvalds has developed a reputation for behavior and harsh language that critics said crossed the line into emotional abuse.
  • In 2013, former Linux kernel developer Sage Sharp, then using a different name, openly criticized Torvalds's communication style and called for a code of conduct for the project.
  • Sharp later told WIRED about receiving thanks from developers on other open source projects, who said Torvalds's behavior influenced the way people behaved in those other projects.
  • But others, including a developer who runs a YouTube channel under the name "Amy Codes," and software engineer Sarah Mei, lamented the praise that Torvalds received for his apology even though he had decades to correct his behavior.

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The Patriots are reportedly closing in on Josh Gordon to make a massive upgrade to their offense

  • This past weekend, the Browns announced they would be cutting Gordon, igniting a trade market as other teams made offers to land him before he became a free agent.
  • Since racking up 1,600 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns in 2013, Gordon has played just 11 games, mostly because of substance abuse suspensions.
  • If Gordon is healthy and on the field, he'd be a huge upgrade to the Patriots offense.
  • With Julian Edelman suspended until Week 5 and players like Danny Amendola and Dion Lewis leaving in free agency, the Patriots have had a difficult time finding receivers who can stay on the field.
  • It's unclear what the terms of the deal would be, but if the Patriots can get a healthy Gordon on the field, he'd be a huge weapon to add to the team.

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Linux Founder to Take Some Time Off: "I Need to Change Some of My Behavior"

  • After being confronted at a conference about his bullish behavior, the well-known open-source software creator and community figurehead says he will step away from the open-source community for an undetermined amount of time.
  • While it may be the first time the profane software developer known for swearing, insults, and personal attacks has so publicly apologized his behavior, it’s far from the first time it’s been an issue within the open-source community.
  • Tech sector leaders weighed in on Twitter, hoping that his example would both lead Torvalds toward better leadership style, as well as set an example for the software development community.
  • Others mentioned how the type of behavior Torvalds exhibited would have long ago forced his removal from professional settings, even as they hoped his potential reform would lead to a new era in the open-source community.

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Pope defrocks priest amid sex abuse scandal

  • Precht had been suspended in 2012 from practicing within the ministry for five years after the Archbishop of Santiago ordered a criminal investigation into allegations of sexual abuse against him.
  • The Pope called the bishops to Rome after receiving a 2,300-page report detailing sexual abuses by priests in Chile.
  • The report alleged that for decades church officials in Chile knew about and covered up cases of sexual abuse, even destroying records.
  • The Pope apologized after Vatican investigators said church officials in Chile had helped cover up multiple cases of sexual abuse by the clergy.
  • In June, the Vatican said Pope Francis was sending investigators back to Chile to look into historical child abuse and accusations that a bishop covered up crimes against minors.

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