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Articles related to "address"

VXLANv6 – VXLANv-what?

  • In these traditional IPv4-Overlay cases, the Tunnel Endpoint (TEP) as well as the transport network (Underlay) reside in the IPv4 address space.
  • While we were reviewing the use-cases around IPv6 infrastructure addressing together with the current install base of technology and devices, one simple solution became obvious – VXLAN over an IPv6 underlay or in short VXLANv6.
  • Reason 3:  VXLANv6 allows us to use a well-known overlay technology, namely VXLAN, and run it over an IPv6 transport network (Underlay).
  • In the case of VXLANv6, the VXLAN Tunnel Endpoints (VTEPs) are addressed with a global IPv6 address associated with a loopback interface.
  • This is true in the case of Multi-Protocol BGP, especially with the EVPN address-family, peering, next-hop handling, and exchange of routes has been enabled for IPv6.
  • Seamless host-mobility and Multi-Tenant IP Subnet routing is also supported, along with the counterpart VXLAN deployment running over an IPv4 transport network (VXLANv4).

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Chrissy Teigen quickly deleted a tweet that revealed her email address, but not before fans noticed and started FaceTiming her

  • Chrissy Teigen learned just how perceptive some of her followers are when she accidentally tweeted some personal information.
  • She then posted a video of her picking up one of FaceTime calls.
  • On the other end of the line was a fan called Ricardo.
  • Teigen spoke with him for a while with her mother Vilailuck Teigen.
  • Less than an hour later she had enough and tweeted that she had disabled everything and changed her email address.
  • This isn't the first time Teigen has messed up and posted her contact information somewhere fans could see it.
  • Back in 2016, after her cookbook "Cravings" was released, she received hundreds of random phone calls.
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Stack Computers: 4.4 Architecture of the Novix NC4016 (1989)

  • The Novix NC4016, formerly called the NC4000, is a 16-bit stack based microprocessor designed to execute primitives of the Forth programming language.
  • The NC4016 can use four separate 16-bit busses for data transfers on every clock cycle for high performance (program memory, Data Stack, Return Stack, and I/O busses).
  • This instruction can be used to read or write a 32-word "user space" residing in the first 32 words of program memory, saving the time taken to push a memory address on the stack before performing the fetch or store.
  • Because the NC4016 executes most instructions, including conditional branches and subroutine calls, in a single cycle, there is a significant amount of time between the beginning of the clock cycle and the time that the memory address is valid for fetching the next instruction.

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Notion’s powerful note-taking app is now free for students and teachers

  • Notion, the sleek and sophisticated note-taking app, is going free for the education market.
  • The company said today that teachers and students who sign up with an academic email address will get a free upgrade to the premium version of the software, which entitles them to unlimited uploads, storage, and version history features.
  • The service has a sleek design, robust feature set, and cross-platform availability — and students or teachers seeking a new online workspace will find it well worth a look.
  • Students will find tools for building grade calculators, a personal budget, and job applications; teachers will find templates for lesson plans and a class directory, among other things.
  • Making Notion’s premium features free for the education community signals a more aggressive growth strategy for a company that recently announced it hit 1 million users.
  • But for those who like flexibility and power in their note-taking, Notion is well worth a look.

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HP printers try to send data back to HP about your devices and what you print

  • At this point everything has become clear - the job of this setup app is not only to sell expensive ink subscriptions; it’s also to collect what apparently passes for informed consent in a court of law.
  • I wanted to use the extremely convenient feature where the printer scans a document and sends it to you via email, but then I got scared that HP would purloin my email address, associate it with my printing data, and ship this information over to an online ad retargeting platform.
  • Plus, I really don’t think that the onus should be on me to come up with watertight reasons why HP shouldn’t collect data on what people print in order to target them with online ads.
  • I don’t think that “is it OK if we have your printer collect metadata about your devices and what you print, and then use it online advertising?” is a question that HP should even be asking.

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How to delete duplicate contacts on your iPhone in 4 steps

  • Modern technology has pretty much eliminated the need to write things down with pen and paper.
  • While you used to have to fill a heavy address book with the names, addresses, and phone numbers of your friends, family, and colleagues, these days your iPhone's Contacts app can do that for you.
  • Unfortunately, the process of storing your contacts' information on your device isn't always foolproof.
  • Sometimes iCloud errors or even syncing issues between your iPhone and email account can cause some contacts to be duplicated on your phone.
  • Thankfully, this issue has an easy fix that shouldn't take more than a couple of seconds to take care of.
  • It's that simple.
  • The duplicate contact will be gone and you should only have one entry for it in your phone.
  • Insider receives a commission when you buy through our links.

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Google account required to contribute to Google open-source

  • Create a Google Group for the members of your organization who are authorized to submit contributions under the CLA (e.g. [email protected]).
  • If you need help with your corporate contributor group, email [email protected]
  • First, add their email address to the Google Group that you submitted with the corporate CLA.
  • Instruct contributors to use that same email address for any contributions to Google projects that are made on behalf of the company.
  • At the top of the CLA page, ensure you're signed in with the same email address listed in the Google Group.
  • Make sure you're submitting the contribution using the same email address that is a member of the Google Group.
  • Ensure you submitted your contribution using one of the email addresses associated with the account you're signed in to and/or using the GitHub username you provided us with when you signed the CLA.

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