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Articles related to "administration"

Florida could require a prescription for certain sunscreens that could harm coral reefs

  • Sen. Linda Stewart's proposed bill would require a prescription to use sunscreens with oxybenzone and octinoxate, two chemicals found in most sunscreens that effectively protect against UV radiation but, researchers suggest, can also cause coral bleaching and eventually kill reefs.
  • Under the bill, their sale would be banned without a prescription."Reef-safe" sunscreens that leave out those ingredients in lieu of others, like FDA-approved zinc oxide, would take their place on store shelves.
  • The American Academy of Dermatology assured that sunscreen remains a safe, effective form of sun protection despite the bill and any claims that they were toxic to human health were "unproven" in a statement released months before Hawaii's bill passed in 2018.
  • The agency has requested data from manufacturers for 12 active ingredients, including the two Stewart's bill would ban, to determine their health effects and inform new sunscreen regulations.

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The debate was about Elizabeth Warren because the election is now about Elizabeth Warren

  • The fourth Democratic presidential debate was a baptism by fire for the party's new frontrunner Sen. Elizabeth Warren.
  • Previous debates have been opportunities for contenders to land punches on former Vice President Joe Biden, then a clear and unrivaled frontrunner, or a chance for more centrist candidates to draw major policy distinctions between themselves and Sen. Bernie Sanders, the most recognizable and popular stalwart of the party's left flank.
  • The math of the debate gauntlet is merciless for middle-tier contenders, as only two-thirds of the candidates on stage in Ohio have punched their ticket to the November show.
  • Klobuchar, O'Rourke and Buttigieg went on offense: realizing that they still have a shot at seizing the lane for the moderate wing of the party, they went after Warren and — at least in the case of Buttigieg — arguably landed some pretty significant blows on the frontrunner.

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Trump's Agriculture Department spends only 0.3% of its $144 billion budget aiding farmers combat climate change

  • The Agriculture Department has set aside only 0.3% of its current $144 billion budget to prepare American farmers confronting the devastating consequences of climate change, Politico reported on Tuesday.
  • Farmers have had little help from the department when it comes to adjusting their planting practices to endure severe flooding or drought along with identifying regional risks from climate change.
  • The report noted that 2018 was one of the worst years for agriculture in decades — and the flooding rendered an astonishing 20 million acres unplantable, which is around the size of South Carolina.
  • The Agriculture Department's main vehicle to aid farmers are climate hubs that it launched around the country during the Obama administration.
  • Politico reported they were operating with a skeleton staff, and top officials at the department have rarely discussed the climate threat.
  • The agency during the Trump administration has significantly downplayed the risks of climate change.

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Lung injury outbreak: CDC warn against certain vaping products

  • While most reviews have concluded that the evidence is insufficient to make a judgment on the safety of e-cigarettes, a recent outbreak of lung injuries makes it difficult to ignore the potential harms of vaping devices.
  • The CDC, together with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other public health organizations, are currently investigating the outbreak.
  • Until they find the cause, the CDC warn against using THC-containing products.
  • They also advise that people "consider refraining" from using vaping products that contain nicotine.
  • Specifically, 76% of the people with lung injuries reported using THC-containing products, and 36% reported using them exclusively for 3 months before the symptoms appeared.
  • The public health institute recognize, however, that there may be more than one cause, as vaping products contain many different chemicals, which are all currently under investigation.

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