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Articles related to "administration"

Hundreds of thousands of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany were turned away by the US because of a clause in the immigration law. Trump's reviving it.

  • In September 1930, the State Department issued a press release that told consular officials that they "must refuse the visa," to anyone they believed "may probably be a public charge at any time." The instructions achieved the desired effect.
  • As refugees from first Germany and then most of Europe sought to escape Nazi persecution, the State Department used the public charge clause to limit the number of foreigners, most of whom were Jews, from immigrating to the U.S. With anti-foreigners pushing for legislation decreasing the quotas and refugee advocates trying to hold the line, the out-of-the-spotlight approach had political appeal.
  • Immigration Services, which is under the Department of Homeland Security, will use the Trump administration's new rules to determine admissions to the U.S. at ports of entry and to assess status changes for certain immigrants already here.
  • The regulations specify negative and positive factors immigration officials must consider in deciding who is likely to become a public charge.

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The Trump administration is considering a tax cut for millions of workers to boost the economy and stave off fears of a recession

  • Several Trump administration officials are weighing whether to propose a temporary payroll tax cut to inject more consumer cash into a weakening economy, according to The Washington Post.
  • Tens of millions of working Americans pay the 6.2% tax, which the federal government levies on wages to fund Social Security, Medicare, and other social insurance programs.
  • Depending on how such a tax cut is structured, it could run into opposition from Democrats who recoil from reducing funding from Social Security and Medicare.
  • During the 2018 fiscal year, the federal payroll tax generated $1.17 trillion, or around 6 percent of the nation's gross domestic product, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.
  • White House discussions to possibly press for a payroll tax cut comes as fears of a recession mount within Trump's inner circle of aides, and as they pursue ways to salvage confidence in the economy.

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The Trump administration spent months trying to make sure undocumented immigrants can't go to school

  • White House adviser Stephen Miller spent months trying to figure out how to bar undocumented immigrant children from attending public schools, according to Bloomberg.
  • Miller, a conspiracy theorist who frequently pushes radically nativist policies within President Donald Trump's administration, wanted to circumvent Congress by figuring out if there was a way states could be allowed to turn away undocumented immigrants from schools, Bloomberg reported.
  • This month, the Trump administration issued a new Miller-designed strategy to crack down on undocumented immigrants.
  • The rule would deny permanent residency to immigrants who the Department of Homeland Security finds "more likely than not" to use food stamps, Medicaid, or housing assistance.
  • The Trump administration already has policies in place designed to make it more difficult for undocumented immigrants to attend schools.
  • Under Trump, the Department of Homeland Security has authorized Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to arrest parents dropping off their kids at school.

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China to the Rescue of Nuclear Power?

  • China's nuclear power program grew rapidly before the Fukushima disaster … then slowed for a few years as the implications of the disaster were assessed … then picked up pace … then slowed once again.
  • Currently, China has 45 operable power reactors (43 gigawatts (GW) capacity) and 13 under construction (12.8 GW).
  • The most likely outcome over the next 5‒10 years is that a small number of new reactor projects will be approved each year, well short of previous projections and not nearly enough to match the decline in the rest of the world.
  • China's National Energy Administration said in March 2018 that by the end of the year, announcements would be made about sites for the construction of 6‒8 new nuclear reactors, ending a two-year freeze on new starts.1 That didn't eventuate.
  • Former World Nuclear Association executive Steve Kidd noted in an August 2018 article that the growth of renewables in China "dwarf the nuclear expansion".3 Kidd wrote.

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The Trump administration just told the Supreme Court that it's legal to fire workers for being transgender

  • The Trump administration outlined in a court filing on Friday why it believes transgender discrimination is legal in the workplace under federal law — a broad setback in LGBTQ rights since the Obama administration.
  • The 1964 Civil Rights Act states that employers also can't discriminate based on sex, race, color, religion, and national origin.
  • The Justice Department under the Trump administration, is arguing that workplace discrimination based on sex does not apply to transgender workers.
  • The filing is related to an upcoming Supreme Court case involving a transgender funeral worker Aimee Stephens who was fired from her position after announcing her transition.
  • Per the Justice Department's brief, the word "sex" solely refers to the biological sex of an individual.

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Opinion: In trying to gut Endangered Species Act, Trump administration puts profits ahead of people

  • Urgent threats like climate disruption can -- and likely will -- now be ignored, while the door to new threats has been opened as the administration adopts a piecemeal approach to conservation decisions where profit motives supersede science.
  • Instead of working to protect species being driven to extinction by climate change, this administration is trying to remove Endangered Species Act protections for them.
  • True to his word, during his brief tenure, he has not only undermined the Endangered Species Act to clear the way for destructive development but also glutted the market with new dirty-fuel leases on public lands and categorically refused to consider climate consequences in decision-making.
  • Almost three years into the Trump administration, the news for threatened and endangered species is not good, but there is still hope.

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Alibaba just keeps growing, shrugging off Trump's trade war and China's slowing economy

  • At least if Alibaba's latest numbers are anything to go by.
  • The enormous e-commerce company managed to add 98 million customers to its book over the last 12 months, as demand continues to grow for Chinese goods.
  • It made $16.7 billion in quarterly revenue, 42% more than the same period last year.
  • Retail sales are still growing strongly at 8.3% a year, but that rate of growth is continuing to slow.
  • The trade war is taking its toll, even with the Trump administration delaying a 10% tariff increases on Chinese goods until December this year.
  • The impasse that trade negotiations hit in May has helped sink Alibaba's stock price from around $US195 a share to closer to $US160.
  • The latest results, however, were enough to see shares jump more than 3% on Thursday in the US.
  • Get the latest Alibaba stock price here.

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