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Articles related to "adviser"

5 things you need to know today

  • Two new developments in the ongoing Mueller investigation: First,┬áPresident Trump has decided to declassify various documents and text messages related to the Russia investigation, including parts of a FISA application on former adviser Carter Page.
  • Republicans have long urged Trump to declassify as much as possible from the investigation, but Democrats are calling the latest order an "abuse of power." The second development: After a long delay, it appears former national security adviser Michael Flynn is finally ready to be sentenced after pleading guilty to lying to investigators way back in December.
  • Now, an independent Yemen-based human rights group has given CNN exclusive access to a trove of documents that show fragments of US-manufactured bombs at the scenes of other incidents in the country since 2015, when the civil war began.

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Gary Cohn confirmed a major revelation about the GOP tax bill fight from Bob Woodward's new book

  • Gary Cohn, the former top economic adviser to President Donald Trump, confirmed a detail about the president's position on taxes that was reported in Bob Woodward's new book.
  • During a Reuters event in New York City on Monday, Cohn expressed regret that the Republican tax law that was passed at the end of 2017 was not simply a cut in the corporate tax rate.
  • Cohn said that during the debate over the plan, Trump similarly wanted to just focus the bill on the corporate side instead of also cutting taxes for individuals.
  • Cohn, a former Goldman Sachs executive, said that the administration ultimately had to include individual tax cuts because many US companies are pass-through businesses in which the owner takes the profits and the money is taxed like personal income.

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'It's not even a close call': Giuliani is pushing a dubious theory about Paul Manafort's plea deal that experts say is bogus

  • Following news on Friday that Paul Manafort had struck a plea deal with prosecutors and agreed to cooperate with the Russia investigation, President Donald Trump's personal defense attorney said he wasn't worried about the president's potential legal exposure.
  • Jeffrey Cramer, a longtime former federal prosecutor who spent 12 years at the Justice Department, said that while Giuliani's statement could theoretically be true, it's unlikely that Mueller would agree to a cooperation deal with the former chairman of the Trump campaign if it didn't help him snag a bigger fish.
  • Those include Russia's hack of the Democratic National Committee; his offer of "private briefings" about the campaign to a Russian oligarch; and former Trump lawyer John Dowd's reported efforts to dangle pardons for him and former national security adviser Michael Flynn last summer if they stayed mum during the investigation.

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