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Articles related to "african"

Two brothers invented an alphabet for their native language, Fulfulde

  • When they were 10 and 14, brothers Abdoulaye and Ibrahima Barry set out to invent an alphabet for their native language, Fulfulde, which had been spoken by millions of people for centuries but never had its own writing system.
  • But the Fulbhe people never developed a script for their language, instead using Arabic and sometimes Latin characters to write in their native tongue, also known as Fulani, Pular and Fula.
  • The brothers’ script found a champion in Glass, who had developed Windows keyboards for several languages and worked on supporting various writing systems in Microsoft technology.
  • Glass told others at Microsoft about ADLaM and helped connect the Barry brothers to the right people at the company.
  • Microsoft worked with two type designers in Maine, Mark Jamra and Neil Patel, to develop an ADLaM component for Windows and Office within Microsoft’s existing Ebrima font, which also supports other African writing systems.

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Settle in with these weekend reads

  • On August 16, 2018, a rare form of cancer ended the life of the legendary singer.
  • Now, a fund has been set up in her name for education and research into neuroendocrine tumors.
  • Can Tesla maintain its lead in the global race to the electric car?
  • As Volkswagen spends $34 billion over the next five years to make an electric or hybrid version of every vehicle in its lineup, major changes could be coming in the electric car battle.
  • There's nothing secret about Russia's presence in the Central African Republic, though it is anything but straightforward.
  • Now, a monthslong CNN investigation has established who is behind the funding to deepen Russia's presence and in return winning access to unexploited riches.
  • Fifty years ago this week, one of the defining episodes in American counterculture history happened — Woodstock.

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