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Articles related to "allegedly"

Walmart sues Tesla for negligence after multiple solar panel fires

  • Walmart is suing Tesla for breach of contract and gross negligence after rooftop solar panel systems on seven of the retailer’s stores allegedly caught fire, according to a filing.
  • The lawsuit points to several fires on the retailer’s rooftops that allegedly stem from Tesla solar panels.
  • To this day, Tesla has not provided Walmart with the complete set of final “root cause” analyses needed to identify the precise defects in its systems that caused all of the fires described above.
  • The number of defects, however, is overwhelming and plainly indicative of systemic, widespread failures by Tesla to meet the standard of care, as set forth in the governing contracts, as to the solar systems installed at Walmart’s stores.
  • Unsatisfied with Tesla’s actions, Walmart requested in May 2018 that the company disconnect all of the solar panel systems, according to the lawsuit.

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Attempted murder charges filed against man accused of shooting 6 Philadelphia cops

  • The formal charges, including multiple counts of aggravated assault and assault of a law enforcement officer, were filed three days after Hill allegedly barricaded himself in a North Philadelphia row house when police attempted to serve a narcotics warrant.
  • Before the standoff, the suspect already had a 12-page criminal record with charges including burglary, aggravated assault and taunting a police animal.
  • Armed with an AR-15 rifle and one other weapon, Hill allegedly shot and wounded six officers during a dramatic, eight-hour standoff Wednesday, police said.
  • Negotiators tried to communicate with the suspect, but initially he was picking up the phone and not responding, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said.
  • Five hours after the standoff started, a SWAT team rescued two officers and three others trapped inside the row house, according to the police commissioner.

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