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Articles related to "analyst"

How To Get a Job in Data Science or Analytics Without a STEM Degree

  • So if Google, Tesla, Apple, and many of the largest and most technical firms on the planet no longer require a degree— then why does it still have such a premium for people looking for technical jobs like Data Scientist, Analyst, or Data Engineer?
  • The key phrase from this quote is “record of exceptional achievement.” There is no way of getting around it — if you have no formal training, you have to prove to the hiring manager that you can perform the job purely through your experiences.
  • Already working somewhere is by far the best possible position to be in to make the jump to data science or analytics, as you likely already have access to some data and will be able to find relevant work that allows you to become an analyst without having the job title.

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Gaming the system: How GameStop stock surged 1,500% in nine months

  • To understand GameStop's current stock market run, you have to go back to August, when investor Ryan Cohen bought in to a roughly 10 percent ownership stake in the retailer.
  • Whether Cohen can turn GameStop around or not, the investor excitement around his new strategy presented a problem for the many investors who had shorted the stock (i.e. borrowed shares that they expected to go down in value).
  • It's this kind of feeding frenzy that has led GameStop stock to more than double in the last week, analysts agree, rather than anything fundamental about the real value of the company changing in that time.
  • While Dopierala continues to be bullish on GameStop as a whole, even he admits that the company's transformation "may not happen as quickly as suggested by the current stock price." Analyst consensus suggests GameStop could settle at a price of around $10 a share based on the fundamental health of the business.

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How to Become a Data Analyst and a Data Scientist

  • If you’re uncertain if you’ll like a job analyzing data all day then don’t spend additional money and time for an advanced degree to learn the data science skills.
  • Data analysts support multiple stakeholders and present results more often because the turnaround for requests are shorter than data science projects that can require weeks to develop a machine learning model.
  • Once you’ve worked as a data analyst and learned how to work with data, proven you can build machine learning models to solve business problems, and learned how to present your data results effectively then you’re ready to try applying to data scientist jobs.
  • However, with data analytics experience and proven business impact from building machine learning models employers are more likely to overlook the typical requirements.

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Rio aims for iron ore export record in 2021

  • Rio Tinto may ship record volumes of iron ore from Western Australia this year but says it still doesn't know whether an enhanced focus on cultural heritage will affect future export rates.
  • That target range straddles the 330.6 million tonnes that Rio shipped from Western Australia last year, but implies there is more scope for growth than a reduction in output.
  • Rio has never done better than the 338.1 million tonnes shipped in 2018, but Tuesday's guidance range implies that record could fall if all goes to plan.
  • Iron ore prices remain extremely high on the back of strong Chinese demand and weak output from Brazilian miners, with the price recorded at $US174.07 per tonne on Monday evening.
  • Australia's biggest iron ore miner may set a new export record if it hits the top end of a guidance range issued on Tuesday.

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Why Flight Centre's revival faces turbulence

  • That was the same month that Flight Centre at its annual general meeting, while still cautious, pointed to some business recovery.
  • Victoria was coming out of lockdown, meaning the “golden triangle” of flights between Brisbane-Sydney-Melbourne, a key spoke in the wheel of the corporate travel market, would open up.
  • Mr Drew said Flight Centre's update from the AGM had been positive overall, including the move to strip out additional costs from the business.
  • Flight Centre’s move towards corporate markets and online sales, with reduced store numbers, should be a “long-term positive for margins and share sustainability,” UBS said.
  • IATA released data that showed the recovery in domestic travel plateaued in November, at a level 41 per cent less than the year earlier.
  • The overall travel agency industry in Australia had suffered a 95 per cent decline in business, Mr Manwaring said.

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