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Articles related to "andreessen"

A top Silicon Valley VC firm avoided investing in prescription drugs for a decade. Here's why Andreessen Horowitz is changing its mind.

  • Andreessen Horowitz, a top Silicon Valley venture-capital firm known for investing in tech startups like Facebook and Instagram, changed its tune in 2015.
  • That year, it launched its first bio fund, focused on backing biotech-based software companies after dipping its toes into the area in 2014 with an investment in Omada Health.
  • Still, Andreessen Horowitz planned to stick to investments in areas like artificial intelligence and machine learning and wasn't ready to jump into the world of developing new medical treatments, Andreessen Horowitz general partner Jorge Conde told Business Insider in an interview last week in San Francisco.
  • Now, as the firm invests $450 million in its second bio fund, Andreessen Horowitz is looking to make more investments in therapeutics, particularly ones that have "superpowers," Conde said.
  • Andreessen Horowitz Conde pointed to two changes in the past few years that make therapeutics a more worthwhile investment area for the firm.

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