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Articles related to "angeles"

Meghan Markle 'Weasel' Slur Should Be a Wake-Up Call for Prince Harry

  • Wendy Williams said Meghan Markle "weaseled her way" into the royal family.
  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry believe that by renouncing their royal family duties and fleeing the United Kingdom, they would escape the glare of the media.
  • I believe that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are actually courting media attention.
  • Much of the British media crucified Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for that stunt.
  • But this criticism is nothing compared to what awaits them in the U.S. Speaking to The Sun about Meghan Markle, Williams commented that she believed Meghan “finessed everybody” and “weaseled her way into the kingdom” when she married Prince Harry.
  • If Meghan Markle and Prince Harry truly intended to run away from the media spotlight in the U.K., and honestly believe that they’ll be under less pressure in Los Angeles, then they have miscalculated.

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Los Angeles crime plunges during the coronavirus stay at home order

  • Los Angeles has also seen an 11 percent drop in family violence crime when compared to the same time last year, Moore said, even though times of stress can usually lead to an increase.
  • The declines come as a stay at home order and social distancing rules appear to be slowing the spread of the virus in California, where there are more than 16,000 cases and nearly 400 deaths.
  • Los Angeles recorded a 7% increase in coronavirus cases Monday, Mayor Eric Garcetti said at news conference.
  • Los Angeles County Department of Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer urged residents to continue to stay home this week, skipping even trips to the grocery store.
  • California has taken steps to ease the burden and stress of social distancing on its residents, including those out of work and those in correctional facilities.

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CBS courtroom drama will use Zoom, FaceTime for special pandemic episode

  • CBS drama series All Rise will produce a “virtual” episode themed on the COVID-19 pandemic, shooting footage in the actors’ homes and using VFX to create backgrounds.
  • The episode of the freshman courthouse drama based in Los Angeles will feature the characters dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 shelter-in-place rules, and how the coronavirus pandemic affects the criminal justice system there.
  • Consulting producer Gil Garcetti, a former Los Angeles County district attorney, will “provide insight into how the justice system continues in Los Angeles, even during the pandemic,” according to a release from CBS.
  • In addition to filming the actors in their homes, a cinematographer will shoot (from a vehicle) footage of the deserted streets in and around Los Angeles.
  • Executive producer Michael Robin will direct the episode, which is currently being written and will air on May 4th at 9PM ET on CBS.

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'I'm very, very worried': Laid-off workers struggle with no social safety net

  • As he waits in this excruciating period of uncertainty, Almendarez is joining forces with UNITE HERE Local 11, the union that represents many hotel and tourism workers in Los Angeles, to push for a city-wide law that would require hotel and tourism companies to hire back the workers they laid off first once the economy gets going again.
  • Biden's "emergency action plan to save the economy" advocated for expediting aid to businesses who commit to helping workers stay employed through the crisis and said he favored making "Americans whole for lost hours and wages." The former vice president has also criticized President Trump for refusing to reopen the federal Affordable Care Act marketplace, which could help laid off workers find health insurance.

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