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Articles related to "announced"

The Justice Department is working with states on tech investigation, antitrust chief says

  • The Justice Department is working alongside state attorneys general to investigate whether tech platforms like Facebook and Google are stifling competition in the industry, the department’s antitrust chief, Makan Delrahim, said.
  • The statement came only a day after The Wall Street Journal reported that a group of states would be moving forward with an antitrust investigation into the tech sector that could be formally announced later this month.
  • That new state-led probe would put more pressure on tech companies, some of which are already under investigation for potentially anti-competitive behavior by the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Earlier this year, the House Judiciary Committee’s panel on antitrust opened an investigation into major tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon in hopes of identifying how current law could be updated to better control the tech sector.

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Every celebrity couple that has gotten married in 2019

  • Summer's here, which means that your Facebook timeline has probably turned into a never-ending list of weddings and engagements.
  • This is a running list of every celeb that's gotten married this year, from the surprise wedding of Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLaughlin to the lavish three-day reception of Idris Elba and his bride Sabrina Dhowre.
  • Leech's famous co-stars Rami Malek, Michelle Dockery, and Dan Stevens all attended the nuptials, according to Hello!.
  • The 44-year-old "Ace of Cakes" star proposed to his now-wife Colbry, 25, in April 2018 with a piece of twine.
  • The two got engaged almost a year prior, in April 2018.
  • They were married about a year later in front of fashion A-listers Gigi and Bella Hadid, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and many more.
  • People called their wedding an " epic 'DWTS' reunion," as many current and former dancers attended their California nuptials.

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Starship Technologies, which builds cute robots to deliver bananas to lazy students, has raised another $40 million

  • Starship Technologies, the robot food-delivery startup founded by Skype cofounders Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis, has closed $40 million in Series A funding.
  • The company announced today that it has now raised a total of $85 million.
  • Starship produces little knee-high autonomous robots which pick up and deliver food on-demand.
  • Alongside the raise Starship announced that it has now completed 100,000 deliveries.
  • But the deliveries aren't exclusively fast food, Starship also delivers groceries and some users seem to be taking advantage.
  • Founded in 2014, Starship raised $25 million in seed funding last year and hired Airbnb veteran Lex Bayer as CEO.
  • The firm said it will expand onto more university campuses with the new funding..
  • "This new investment will see Starship expand onto more campuses as we head towards a goal of offering our service to over one million students," said Bayer in a statement.

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You Can Jailbreak Your iPhone Again (But Maybe You Shouldn’t)

  • Jailbreaking allows iOS users to add apps and other functions that Apple wouldn't normally permit to their iPhones.
  • iOS has rigid limitations that are at least partly meant to protect users from malicious apps, but that also preserve Apple's control over the ecosystem.
  • Hacker Pwn20wnd posted a public version of the jailbreak on Monday that iOS users are already using to redesign the look of their iOS home screens and install unapproved apps.
  • Researchers have warned, though, that jailbreaking potentially makes a device less secure, undermining protections that keep apps from reading each other's data, and opening the iPhone to potential attacks.
  • But the threat remains, as does the risk that attackers might use other paths to compromise devices—tainted third-party apps, Apple's enterprise distribution certificates, or other remote exploits.

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Sony is acquiring Spider-Man developer Insomniac Games

  • Sony dropped a bag of money, and Spider-Man has swooped in and picked it up.
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today that it is acquiring developer Insomniac Games.
  • Fans know the studio for Marvel’s Spider-Man. The webslinger’s PlayStation 4 outing was the No. 6 best-selling game of 2018, according to The NPD Group.
  • But Insomniac has also worked on Ratchet & Clank and a number of other games often in partnership with Sony.
  • Insomniac joins developers like Japan Studios and Sony Santa Monica in the Sony Worldwide Studios roster.
  • Sony has built a huge amount of momentum throughout the PlayStation 4 era on the back of high-quality single-player action adventures.
  • But it has put a lot of its recent effort into working with companies like Facebook on Oculus VR games.
  • Now, under Sony ownership, Insomniac can focus its energies on first-party PlayStation games.

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Here are the latest executive power moves that help explain everything that's going on at E*Trade, Rite Aid, and Yum! Brands

  • Pizzi will assume the Chief Executive Officer role after Karl Roessner left after 10 years at the company.
  • Brands, the company behind KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, has appointed David Gibbs as Chief Executive Officer starting in January 2020.
  • Gibbs currently serves as President and Chief Operating Officer and oversees the global KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell divisions.
  • Alteryx, the end-to-end analytics platform, has appointed Amy Heidersbach as Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Heidersbach most recently served as Chief Marketing Officer at CareerBuilder.
  • Transfix, a leading digital freight marketplace, today announced the appointment of Lily Shen as the company's president After leading the operations and growth of the business the past two years as Chief Operating Officer, Shen has expanded her role to oversee all departments including corporate development, product, engineering, finance, legal and human resources, with the executive team directly reporting to her.

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Black Hat 2019: Investment, Interest in AI for Security Ramps Up

  • An emphasis on AI was clear at this year’s Black Hat event in Las Vegas, where several vendors made AI-related announcements about platforms that leverage AI and machine learning capabilities to address threat detection.
  • Vidas said he believes the future of the Security Operations Center will be centered on AI and ML to improve the accuracy of threat detections, and to help reduce Mean Time to Respond (MTTR).
  • In addition to product announcements, a newly-formed group known as the AI Security Alliance also used Black Hat to formally launch its mission.
  • Its State of Development and Operations of AI Applications 2019 report findings are based on a survey of 500 industry professionals.
  • The research finds that while 63.2 percent of businesses said they are spending between $500,000 and $10 million on their AI efforts, 60.6 percent have experienced a variety of operational challenges with the technology.

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Binance launches Venus, which it calls an "independent, regional version" of Facebook's Libra

  • Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced today that it will launch an open blockchain project called Venus to develop regional stablecoins pegged to fiat currencies (or traditional currencies usually issued and backed by a government).
  • Based in Malta, Binance launched its decentralized trading service, Binance Chain, earlier this year, and since then has issued stablecoins pegged to Bitcoin and the British pound.
  • While Libra’s goal is to create a global digital currency that allows people to avoid the fees associated with credit cards and remittance services, Binance says Venus’ objective is to enable developing countries to “have more financial autonomy” and “protect their financial security” by helping them create new digital currencies.
  • Pushing adoption, yes.
  • Domination, no.
  • Always happy to co-exist.

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Trump advisor Larry Kudlow told Fox News the administration is 'looking at' buying Greenland

  • WASHINGTON (AP) — White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow is confirming that President Donald Trump "wants to take a look at" buying Greenland, although Denmark has said it's not for sale.
  • The US military has operated for decades from Thule Air Base in Greenland.
  • The northern-most US base is part of the military's global network of radars and other sensors to provide ballistic missile warning and space surveillance.
  • Trump is scheduled to visit Denmark in September as part of a previously announced Europe trip.

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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk Wants to 'Nuke Mars' to Prep It for Colonization

  • By CCN Markets: Billionaire Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, reiterated his calls to "nuke Mars!" on Twitter.
  • It's part of Musk's previously announced proposal to prepare the red planet for human colonization.
  • While he has your attention, Musk joked that he plans to shill "Nuke Mars!" T-shirts soon.
  • While the notion of dropping nuclear bombs on Mars sounds outlandish, it's actually an idea Musk first proposed in 2015 on Stephen Colbert's talk show.
  • While discussing his ambition to colonize Mars, Musk said one way to warm up the planet to make it more habitable is to drop nuclear bombs on it.
  • Musk followed up on the idea in 2017 with another presentation he posted on SpaceX's website.
  • Like bitcoin billionaires the Winklevoss twins, Elon Musk has long been fascinated with space.

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