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Articles related to "anti"

Ethena raises $2 million in seed funding for smarter anti-harassment software

  • The duo co-founded Ethena, a software-as-a-service startup that sells anti-harassment training software that is more comprehensive and flexible than the status quo.
  • For example, when COVID-19 became a serious threat, Ethena was able to send users training in regards to online harassment and cyberbullying.
  • Ethena also works as a replacement for in-person anti-harassment workshops during COVID-19 and resulting shelter-in-place orders.
  • Efficacy of anti-harassment training is hard to track with numbers.
  • If a company tried to measure Ethena’s efficacy with data around the number of harassment reports filed before and after the software was used, it presumes that victims are choosing to report in the first place.
  • Long term, Ethena is working with a peer-reviewed journal to see if effective anti-harassment training can be related to higher retention rates in companies.

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How past US presidents engaged with activists and mass protests

  • Richard Nixon, accepting the Republican presidential nomination, pledged to lead America with "law and order" following the anti-war protests as well as the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy.
  • Then George H.W. Bush came into office in 1989 and during his presidency signed the Americans with Disabilities Act, which included anti-discrimination protections for people with HIV/AIDS, and the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency Act. But his administration was also reluctant to change a policy blocking people with HIV from entering the country.
  • And during his presidency, AIDS activists held several demonstrations calling on the federal government to do more for Americans with HIV/AIDS, including showing up to his Maine compound and scattering the ashes of people who died of AIDS on the White House lawn.

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1918 + 1929 + 1968 = 2020

  • The nation's collective unwillingness to confront the violent history of American race relations, despite the urgent appeals of some, continues to impede meaningful progress between white America and people of color.
  • Because millions repeatedly tell themselves their country has made great strides on the race front, they have failed to grapple with and effectively address the persistence of black poverty, of inferior health care for African Americans, of discrimination in employment, and of profound inequity in the criminal justice system.
  • This persistent determination to turn a blind eye to the American past reveals a country that lacks the stomach -- to say nothing of the heart and the conscience -- to work in a serious way to address generations of racial persecution.

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Millions of people are downloading a 'China app remover' -- but it doesn't work

  • In the past few days, a new app named “Remove China Apps” has risen to the top position on the Google Play Store in India.
  • While the app has been cashing on anti-China sentiment, there’s a problem — it does not work as intended.
  • In the past few weeks, a pretty strong anti-China sentiment has swept the Indian internet.
  • Then a bunch of people began a campaign that demanded the ban of the Bytedance-owned app in the country, and rated the app one star on the Play Store.
  • Google later removed millions of reviews and restored the ratings.
  • That has set course for many people uninstalling apps, such as TikTok, that originated in China.
  • This trend has propelled anti-China apps as Remove China Apps — but even if you install it, you’ll find it’s pretty much useless.

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The return of the Anonymous hacker collective

  • As the United States deals with widespread civil unrest across dozens of cities, "hacktivist" group Anonymous has returned from the shadows.
  • After years of relative quiet, it appears to have re-emerged in the wake of violent protests in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd, promising to expose the "many crimes" of the city's police to the world.
  • Various forms of cyber-attack are being attributed to Anonymous in relation to the George Floyd protests.
  • First, the Minneapolis police department website was temporarily taken offline over the weekend in a suspected Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.
  • Some Anonymous members also attacked the campaign group Black Lives Matter's website over alleged "anti-white racism".
  • It is against this backdrop that a Facebook page claiming to be linked to Anonymous released a video about Mr Floyd's death, alleging a string of other crimes involving Minneapolis police, and threatening to act.

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Trump vs. Twitter: The president takes on social media moderation

  • After Twitter gave one of President Trump’s tweets a modest reality check, the president threatened to “shut down” social media companies, personally targeted a Twitter employee, and signed an executive order that would affect the entire internet.
  • It’s the latest salvo in a long-simmering feud between the president and his favorite social media platform.
  • Although he has more than 80 million followers and has been on Twitter since 2009, Trump has long complained about what he considers anti-conservative bias on the platform (but without citing evidence).
  • Twitter had elected not to delete or modify Trump’s tweets, even when they violated its terms of service, until now.
  • Facebook, in contrast, refused to remove posts similar to the president’s tweets.
  • The executive order is expected to face legal challenges.

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