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Articles related to "anxiety"

A neuroscientist says a simple question can defuse the anxiety you feel when your morning alarm goes off

  • For some people, anxiety starts the moment their alarm goes off in the morning.
  • But according to one scientist, that feeling of morning dread could really just be your body trying to tell you something.
  • Lisa Feldman Barrett, a neuroscientist and author of "How Emotions Are Made," says that emotions are essentially our brain's way of making guesses.
  • So when we feel awful in the morning and we start to feel anxious, it isn't necessarily pointing to larger problems, Barrett said.
  • There are all sorts of physical explanations that could be leading our brains astray.
  • The ability to recognize and manage our emotions is what scientists call emotional intelligence, and it can help us succeed at work and in relationships.
  • Improving one's emotional intelligence isn't easy, but Barrett said it's possible with a little practice.

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