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Articles related to "apl"

Announcing the Finalists for the Alexa Skills Challenge: Multimodal

  • It’s been incredible to see you learn APL, help others in the Alexa developer community, come up with creative ideas, and build great multimodal skills.
  • The review process wasn’t easy; we were amazed by of the creative ways you use APL to build rich voice-first multimodal experiences.
  • Multimodal skills provide additional input and output options when a screen is present in order to create more interactive and immersive voice-first experiences.
  • Here are some of the characteristics of great multimodal skills and what we looked for when determining the finalists.
  • Our panel of judges will evaluate the finalists to determine the winner of the $20,000 grand prize, and evaluate additional skills for the bonus prize categories.
  • Try the finalists' skills and get inspired by how they used APL to create a rich and engaging voice-first multimodal experiences.

save | comments | report | share on GFX: Native graphics development in the browser

  • And today, we're excited to bring native GUI applications and game development to the browser.
  • We want programmers from all backgrounds, regardless of their language, to be able to code games and apps with ease.
  • Plus, supporting native graphics opens us up to a wealth of frameworks, games, and educational material!
  • Right now, we're piping the X Window system through VNC through WebSockets to your browser, which is not the most efficient way to do this — we have a lot of ideas on how we could improve it.
  • Finally, depending on how far you are from our data center (US-central) you might feel a delay, which we're also working on making better by replicating our data center (watch out Google Stadia).
  • We're supporting these frameworks out of the box, but very soon, we'll roll this out to all of our languages.

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