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Articles related to "apple"

iPhone XS and XS Max review: Apple's latest are the best yet. But do you need them?

  • Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note or the iPad, the XS Max doesn't support many features tailored for bigger screens, such as another row of apps or a side-by-side display that lets you use two apps at once.
  • Although Apple quietly discontinued some of its lower-cost devices, including the iPhone 6S, iPhone SE and the iPhone X, it still sells two older models -- iPhone 7 ($449) and the iPhone 8 ($599) -- at cheaper price points, if you want a replacement device without splurging for the XS line.
  • If you're not in the market for another iPhone, can't afford one or just can't bring yourself to spend the money, consider upgrading your existing software to iOS 12 to make it feel new again.
  • (It took me less than two hours to realize I access apps like Instagram way too much.) The feature also lets you set timers for how long you want to use certain apps.

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Apple Music now works with Android Auto

  • Apple has just released an update for Apple Music on Android, and the biggest new addition is that it now supports Android Auto.
  • So if you’re an Android user but prefer Apple’s music subscription service over Google Play Music or Spotify for whatever reason, now you can listen to it through Google’s in-car platform.
  • This also means that Apple, which has its own competing take on this whole thing with CarPlay, somehow beat YouTube Music to adding Android Auto.
  • Not the best look for Google, but at least the company has said that a car-optimized YouTube Music experience is coming soon.
  • And to Google’s credit, it was very fast to bring Google Maps to CarPlay soon after the release of iOS 12.
  • The latest Apple Music update on Android also now lets you search for songs by entering some of the lyrics you might know.

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iOS 12.1 beta suggests a new iPad is coming this fall

  • The identifier also added to a bevy of evidence and reports suggesting a new iPad Pro model is imminent.
  • First of all, 9to5Mac found a daemon running in iOS 12.1 that seems to suggest support for syncing Memojis across iOS devices.
  • Add to all that a report from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman and Debby Wu citing sources familiar with Apple's plans, saying that a new iPad Pro is coming this year with an edge-to-edge display and the TrueDepth sensor array to power Face ID, and the discovery earlier of an art asset in iOS 12's beta that depicted an iPad with reduced bezels.
  • This year's iPad model got Apple Pencil support but not a whole lot else; it was intended to be affordable for use by education organizations, in competition with Chromebooks.

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Apple’s iOS 12.1 Simulator implies iPad Pro support for 4K displays and USB-C

  • Rumors that 2018’s iPad Pros could adopt USB-C interfaces took an apparent step forward today, as iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith (via MacRumors) discovered a new feature nestled within the Xcode Simulator for iOS 12.1: support for 4K external displays.
  • Rumors, notably including multiple reports from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, have suggested that Apple plans to transition its Pro tablets away from Lightning connectors to USB-C this year.
  • While those rumors could be conservatively read to suggest that the USB-C standard’s underlying technologies will solely be inside the new iPads, there’s potential for Apple to drop the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C plugs, which are already found on its latest MacBook laptops and Apple TVs. New 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models are expected to feature substantially redesigned enclosures, notably including a flat back with the Smart Connector mounted closer to the USB-C or Lightning charging port.

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Jon M. Chu Shot This Short Film Entirely on an iPhone XS Max

  • To test the new hardware, we gave an iPhone XS Max to the film director Jon M.
  • Chu. The Crazy Rich Asians director shot a short film for WIRED, and the results are truly special.
  • Chu shot the film—a view into dancer Luigi Rosado's rehearsal space, titled Somewhere—in 4K using the iPhone's native camera app.
  • He did that with the iPhone Camera app's built-in slo-motion setting, which shoots at 240 frames per second.
  • It's also important to note that both the iPhone XS and the XS Max have the same camera, so the video and photo capabilities Chu tested for us are available in both devices.
  • WIRED's Lauren Goode reviews the latest iPhone models -- the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max -- and tests the battery life, camera and video capabilities.

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Fitbit targets employers and health plans with Care

  • While the company will continue to operate in consumer hardware, it’s also shifting much of its focus toward healthcare.
  • A month earlier, the company had acquired Twine, a platform that serves as part of the foundation of its new health coaching service, Care.
  • It promises to step beyond algorithmic data by using custom social groups and human health coaches who communicate directly with users through the app or over the phone.
  • The new Fitbit Plus app is a big piece of that puzzle, offering those connections and integrating serious health tracking from third-party devices.
  • That means users can add metrics like blood pressure and glucose levels.
  • This is one of the first key public facing steps for Fitbit’s shift into enterprise and healthcare.
  • Apple notably took another step in that direction with the addition of features like the ECG meter on the new Apple Watch.

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The new Apple Watch reviews are in — and the steep price tag is raising as many eyebrows as the features

  • The new Apple Watch models go on sale on Friday.
  • Apple loaned out Apple Watch units to a bunch of bloggers and publications ahead of Friday's launch, including TechRadar, CNBC,Hodinkee, New York Times, USA Today, Sydney Morning Herald, Women's Health, Buzzfeed, TechCrunch, and The Verge.
  • New York Times: "A less obvious, though still useful, change is the watch's speed.
  • Buzzfeed: "Battery life — 18 hours, all-day, according to Apple — was sufficient, but a year of the beastly Garmin had spoiled me and made me grumpy about charging it every night.
  • For that reason, dedicated distance runners, backpackers, and long-day hikers will likely find more utilitarian fitness trackers (with multi-day GPS battery life) better suited to their extreme demands.
  • Women's Health: "As a runner, I'm also loving the new metrics you can track during jogs.

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A Week On The Wrist: Apple Watch Series 4

  • In his review of the Apple Watch Series 3, our founder Ben Clymer went so far as to say that "the cellular capabilities alone elevate this product from a niche peripheral to something that could become instrumental to millions of people's daily lives." I didn't disagree with him at the time, and a year later his statement is only looking more spot-on.
  • You can see it above, and it perfectly sums up the company's current vision for the Watch, which can be divided into three main areas: The Apple Watch is about connecting us to the world and the people most important to us, encouraging us to live better lives by being fit and active, and enabling us to monitor our health through a full suite of sensors and apps.

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Alibaba's Jack Ma Says U.S.-China Trade War Could Last 20 Years. Here's Why America's Tech Industry Should Worry.

  • It’s hard to dispute Ma’s assessment given the tit-for-tat trade moves in Washington and Beijing this week.
  • On Monday, Trump announced new trade duties of 10% on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports, effective September 24, and vowed to hike the rate to 25% next year if the U.S. and China can’t close a trade deal.
  • China retaliated immediately by slapping new duties on $60 billion of American goods.
  • On Tuesday, Trump tweeted that further action by China would provoke “great and fast economic retaliation” from the U.S., and later repeated his threat to impose 25% tariffs on all Chinese imports.
  • Amazon has only sliver of China’s e-commerce market, and Netflix has largely given up on China.
  • And as China runs out of U.S. imports on which to slap retaliatory tariffs, how long before Beijing takes a bite out of Apple?

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How to Save More Than $1,400 When You Buy a New iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max

  • WalletHub, a site that ranks and discusses loans and credit cards, has published its 2018 iPhone Savings Report, which found that if you choose the right carrier deal, you could save up to $1,403 over two years with the purchase of your new iPhone.
  • It then analyzed what the total cost would be for a new iPhone and two years of service if you chose any of those carriers.
  • WalletHub found in its study that Walmart Family Mobile was the cheapest option for those seeking individual plans, with a total two-year cost of $2,137.
  • AT&T offered the cheapest plan for those looking to buy a new iPhone through the carrier’s own installment offering, with a total price of $2,575 over two years.
  • The most expensive option for family plans comes from Sprint’s service and buying an iPhone via Apple’s Installment Plan.

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